Thursday, October 21, 2010

Squishables: Giant, Round Stuffed Animals of Fuzzy Goodness

So my fourth blog post and I've already deviated from Style & Beauty topics. Oops but these little (actually far from it) are the cutest things ever and I just had to write a blog post about them.

They're called Squishables and these big, round balls of fluff is the brain child of company founders, Zoe and Aaron. When they were in Asia, they bought similar plush and didn't think nothing of them. When they got back home, all their friends wanted the toys too so Zoe and Aaron started designing their own and that was how the company was born.

I came across the site by accident via someone's tweet and have since purchased a Squishables Shark. It might be a popular choice because they seem to always be out of stock haha. Typically each plush is $38 USD but some that are a little bigger, like the Octopus or Tortoise cost slightly more at $44 and $42 respectively. Since I live in Canada, I had to ship it via UPS or FedEx Ground for $18 for one squishable (USPS Express Mail would cost US$36). But I believe they have the occasional coupon code and I had used one when I purchased my shark so I think my total came to about $50. I had also purchased the Tortoise for a friend.

The shark is super soft and huggable! Unfortunately he's packed away right now due to home renos but I'll definitely post pics when the dust settles out. I don't want to get him all dusty. Being an Android fan, I'm now eyeing the Android plush. Squishables is on Twitter, as well as Facebook. I know they also have the occasional eBay auction for new arrivals. I'll definitely be waiting to purchase another one as soon as a new coupon code pops up!

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