Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sigma Brushes Haul

My Sigma Makeup brushes arrived today! I ordered them on October 19 and they arrived exactly 2 weeks later, which isn't too bad considering they were shipping from the US to me in Canada.

I ordered two items: Synthetic Face Kit (consisting of 3 brushes) and the Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple brush.

The package arrived nicely packaged with the brushes, an info card and a free brush (a travel version of the E25 brush):

First impressions:
All the brushes are super soft! They're comparable to my EcoTools and Elf brushes which I love. I didn't, however, expect the F80 (flat top kabuki) and F82 (round top kabuki) to be so small. From the site photo, I guess I was expecting almost a bronzer size brush. They look bigger in the online photo. I would say the circumference size is about the size of a Canadian loonie (a little bigger than a quarter). I did realize I didn't have any smaller kabuki brushes so these two will come in handy.

Comparing the retractable kabuki (left) with the F80 flat top kabuki (right), the retractable would definitely be bigger but I find the F80's bristles to be more dense. The barrel on the retractable also feels a little loose. Some bristles on my F80 were a little bent from the plastic cover when I received it which I'm a little sad about.

Overall a great first impression. I can't wait to start using them. If there's any changes, I'll post an update.

Disclaimer: All of these brushes were purchased by me using my own money.
Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty professional by any means. This blog is simply a reflection of my own personal opinions and interests.