Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Body Shop Baked Eye Colour/Eye Shadows

A couple weeks ago, Body Shop had a promotion: buy 2, get 1 free or buy 3, get 2 free. Being the sucky for deals that I am, I ended up buying 5 of their new baked eye shadows. Normally, each shadow cost $16 Cdn but with the deal, I paid $48 for the 5 which works out to be just under $10 each. I also have their Love Your Body loyalty card which gives me 10% every purchase I make. All in all not a bad haul.

There was 8 shades and the 5 I picked up were: Copper (brown), Jade (dark green), quartz (pink), sapphire (blue) and amethyst (purple).
The other colours they had were: Moonstone (silver/black), Sage (lighter green/black) and Starlight (white/black).

This was about 2 weeks ago and I definitely find myself reaching for the pink and purple compacts the most. The pink is absolutely gorgeous! Colour payoff I would say is alright but when I use a creme shadow underneath, then the colours really pop! I would definitely recommend them when under promotion.

Speaking of- their current promo is buy 2, get the 3rd product for 76 cents (in recognition of their establishment date back in 1976).

Take a look at their site for more info http://www.thebodyshop.ca/bakedeyecolour.html But for whatever reason, they're only selling 3 of the 8 colours online: copper, moonstone and jade (which came out earlier this year). The other 5 are still not online yet so you'll probably have to go to your nearest store for those.

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